How to make delicious rajbhog recipe as like a sweet shop

How to make delicious rajbhog recipe as like a sweet shop

Rajbhog recipe is one of India’s favorite sweets. As the name suggests, there is something special in it. If it looks similar to rasgulla, then its test is completely different. Because under it we fill dry fruits and also use saffron. Due to which four moons take place in Rajbhoj. You can also keep it on the day of any festival or in the offerings of worship. So let’s see how it is made and what things we will need to make it. To make this we need……

Ingredients need to make rajbhog recipe

  • Milk: 1 liter
  • Lemon: 1 (2 tsp)
  • Rava/Semolina: 1 tsp
  • Almonds (Chopped almond): 2
  • Cashew (Chopped cashew): 2
  • Pistachio (Chopped pistachio): 2

For Sugar syrup:-

  • Sugar: 200 grams
  • Water: 8 cups
  • Saffron: 2 tsp

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Method of making rajbhog

  1. First of all, keep the milk for boiling and till then squeeze the lemon.
  2. After boiling the milk, turn off the gas and then add a little lemon juice to the milk and mix it slowly and leave it for 2 minutes.
  3. And you will see that the milk has burst well, now put a cotton cloth on a vessel and put the torn milk in it.
  4. Then wash it thoroughly with cold water. And squeeze the water out of it well.
  5. And squeeze the water out of it well and leave it hanging for 15 minutes.
  6. Then take it out in a vessel and lubricate it together for about 5 minutes.
  7. Then add rava / semolina, sugar and mix it for a while.
  8. After then cover it and leave it for 15 minutes.
  9. Then mix it once again and make a dough by breaking it a little and put dry fruits inside it.
  10. Then close it and make a Tikki by making it round well, in the same way, make the Tikki of the whole Rajbhog.
  11. Now we will make sugar syrup… then for that put 200 grams of sugar, 8 cups of water, and saffron in a pan.
  12. Then cook it on a medium flame for 10 minutes.
  13. Now we will put the Tikki of Rajbhog in it.
  14. And cover it and cook it on a medium flame for 15 minutes.
  15. When Rajbhog is cooked, it looks like the double size. Now turn off the gas and leave it to cool down for a while.
  16. Then take it out in a bowl and our Rajbhog is ready.


  • Sieve the chenna with water so that all its sourness is removed.
  • Do not mash the paneer too much. Otherwise, the kingdom will be tough.
  • Make the Rajbhog tikkis round well. Otherwise, it may break on the water.
  • So this was today’s recipe!! I am sure that you must have liked this recipe very much, if you have any doubt related to it, then you can feel free to ask, I will try to end your doubt as soon as possible.
  • I want to know which I have not told yet, then you can ask and I will tell it through my next post.


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