How to make delicious jeera paratha for dinner today

How to make delicious jeera paratha for dinner today

Jeera Paratha: You can make jeera paratha very easily. I have made it a triangular shape but you can also make it a plain round or square shape. Some people after rolling the paratha add cumin seeds. Spread it by sprinkling on top, but this is not the right way to make jeera paratha because it does not spread the jeera in the right way, so you put it in the dough and knead it.

Ingredients need to make Jeera Paratha

To making Dough

  • Wheat flour = two cups
  • Oil = one tablespoon
  • Cumin = two teaspoons
  • Salt = as per your taste
  • Water = 1 cup or as required

To make paratha

  • Red chili powder = little
  • Wheat flour = one tablespoon
  • Oil = tablespoon

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Method of making Jeera Paratha

  1. To make Jeera Paratha, take two cups of wheat flour in a bowl, with two cups of flour, you will make seven to eight parathas.
  2. Now add salt and cumin to this flour and mix it well, we have taken two spoons of cumin in two cups of flour, you can increase or decrease the cumin according to your taste.
  3. Adding a tablespoon of oil to the flour makes the parathas soft and soft, adding oil and mix the flour very well.
  4. Knead a soft dough by adding little water to the flour, you can eat jeera paratha with potato sabzi, dry vegetable curd, pickle dal, or anything.
  5. After kneading the dough, cover it with a wet cloth and keep it for ten to fifteen minutes. (If you do not have much time then you can make parathas immediately)
  6. After the stipulated time, make a dough by breaking lemon-sized dough from the dough and roll the dough with the help of a ball and roll out the size of four to five-inch poori.
  7. Now apply some oil on it, sprinkle some dry flour and sprinkle a little red chili powder, fold it in half, apply oil again and fold it into a triangular shape. (If you are making parathas for children, then do not add red chili powder to it because children do not eat very spicy)
  8. Roll out the triangular paratha in the same triangle size. If you are making triangle paratha for the first time, then it will take time in the beginning but it will be very easy once you practice.
  9. Heat the pan by placing it on the gas, when the pan becomes hot, put the paratha on it, after 10 seconds turn it over and put a spoon of oil on it and cook the paratha till it becomes crisp from both sides.
  10. By pressing the paratha with a big spoon, by doing this, the paratha gets cooked quickly and it also becomes crisp, prepare the rest of the parathas in the same way.
  11. So today you should have hot cumin paratha in dinner, today the weather is also going to be eating paratha, wow winter season along with light rain and hot cumin paratha to be eaten in this cool weather, then it is fun to eat jeera paratha for breakfast And can also be made for children’s tiffin.


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