The Great Indian Kitchen – make litti chokha recipe in a cooker

The Great Indian Kitchen – make litti chokha recipe in a cooker

The Great Indian Kitchen – make litti chokha recipe in a cooker

The Great Indian Kitchen – make litti chokha recipe: Today I am going to share with you a very healthy recipe that is very healthy as well as tasty and that is litti chokha, today we will make it not in the oven but in the cooker.

Necessary ingredients need to make The Great Indian Kitchen – make litti chokha recipe

  • Brinjal = One Medium Size
  • Onion = one
  • Tomato = two medium-sized
  • Coriander powder = half a teaspoon
  • Red chili powder = loaf spoon
  • Green chili = finely chopped
  • Potatoes = two medium-sized boiled
  • Salt = as per taste
  • Mango powder = half a teaspoon

Ingredients for litti

  • Wheat flour = one cup
  • Celery = one small spoon
  • Salt to taste
  • Baking soda = a small spoon
  • Desi Ghee = Foot Cup
  • Curd = ½ cup
  • Oil = one tablespoon
  • Kalonji = half a teaspoon
  • Cumin = half teaspoon
  • Garlic paste = a small spoon
  • Green chili = finely chopped
  • Onion = one medium size
  • Lemon juice = two teaspoons
  • Roasted Sattu = One Cup
  • Salt = 1/2 teaspoon

Method of making The Great Indian Kitchen – make a litti chokha recipe

  1. To make Litti Chokha, the first thing is to roast the brinjals, onions, and tomatoes. 
  2. First of all, wash the brinjal and apply oil to it.
  3. You can also fry it on direct gas, but I am frying it on a counter stand. 
  4. Roasting the brinjals and fry them well. When it becomes completely black and the skin over it burns well, take it out on a plate.
  5. Similarly, roast the tomatoes and onions from all the sides and keep them on a plate.
  6. Now let them cool, so they are getting cold so much we knead the dough. 
  7. In a large bowl, add wheat flour, celery salt as per taste, and baking soda and mix it well. Now add desi ghee to it, if you want, you can also add oil to it, but with desi ghee, it will get a very good flavor as well as add curd.
  8. Because soda is added to it, it will be activated by adding curd and this will make our dough very soft and will also be well puffed, now add water a little bit and prepare it by making a soft dough.
  9. Half a cup of water is used to knead this dough, keep the dough for rest for ten to twelve minutes.
  10. Prepare so much staffing, put a big spoon of mustard oil in the pan and let it heat up. When the oil is hot, fry it well by adding kalonji, cumin, garlic paste, and finely chopped green chilies, then add a finely chopped onion and stir.
  11. Do not overcook the onion because it will cook later too, now add salt to it. 
  12. Salt was also added to the flour, so add less and stir with lemon juice and turn off the gas.
  13. Pickle spice is also added to it, if you want, add pickle spice too.
  14. Now add one cup of sattu to it and mix it while stirring well. 
  15. Today we are going to bake the baati in the cooker, so put oil in the cooker and grease it properly.
  16. Now cover it and let it heat on medium heat for five minutes. 
  17. So our cooker is heating up and lets us prepare Litti.
  18. Once the dough is set, punch it once and break it into lemon size. 
  19. Now make a dough and place a finger in the middle and make a space in the middle and keep the Sattu staffing in the middle of it and once again give a shape like a bol.
  20. Likewise, prepare all the sarees and now our sattu litti is ready. 
  21. So our cooker has also become very hot, now put the litti in the cooker one by one and close the cooker lid and remove the whistle.
  22. Allow it to bake on low heat for five to seven minutes. After seven minutes, open the cooker and see that it has cooked well from the bottom, flip it over and cook it for five to seven minutes.
  23. So many litti are being baked, prepare them by cooking them. 
  24. Remove the burnt skin above the roasted tomato onions and eggplant, now mash all three things with a masher.
  25. Now add coriander powder, red chili powder, green chili, salt as per taste, and mashed potatoes. 
  26. Add half a teaspoon powder of mango powder.
  27. If you like, you can also add lemon juice or chaat masala and add the remaining staffing of our sattu to it as it is very healthy, mix it well. 
  28. Now our very tasty chokha is ready.
  29. Now, open the cooker and see how our litti is ready and it is also torn. 
  30. If your litti is not cracked, then cook it for four to five minutes because it is revealed by the bursting of the litti that it is cooked from inside.
  31. Now take out the litti on a plate, our litti is very well prepared. 
  32. It has cooked well on both sides, it is crunchy on the outside and is very soft from the inside as curd is poured into it.
  33. Sattu has staffing inside it which is very healthy. 
  34. Litti is dipped in normal desi ghee and eaten with chokha.
  35. So you too must make this litti chokha, or baati chokha, because it is very healthy.

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