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How to make healthy tea at home: 5 Easy recipes for everyone

How to make healthy tea at home: 5 Easy recipes for everyone

How to make healthy tea at home: 5 Easy recipes for everyone

Make healthy tea at home: Tea is not just a beverage, it is the experience of millions worldwide. The phrase “my cup of tea” is associated with many aspects of life. Whether it’s morning time or sunset time, the experience only gets better with tea. This word has a deep connection between likes and dislikes. 

It has a special place for all families. It has been linked to the lifestyle of family members and luxury. This special drink has a wide range of uses making it the second most popular beverage after water. Researchers believe it came from China as a medicinal beverage and has gradually spread to all parts of the world. Tea-loving nations have developed many recipes around tea depending on their needs and behavior.

Some countries view tea as a daily habit, while others have it as a source of physical and mental comfort. If you are a fan of this drink, you should try healthy recipes at home. These recipes are related to a hot drink or a cold drink. 

In addition to a cup of tea, a glass of this drink is also quite common when emotions suggest something is coming out of a box. Whatever the case, it should be healthy and in harmony with our needs. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and simple recipes for everyone.

1. Make healthy tea at home: Lemon tea

Lemons are a good source of vitamin C and prevent many diseases such as kidney stones, anemia, indigestion, etc. Therefore, you should consider having lemons in various ways as part of your regular diet. When preparing black/green tea, simply press half a lemon and you’re done. Enjoy!

2. Make healthy tea at home: Cardamom flavored

Cardamom contains anti-cancer properties as well as antioxidants and properties that help digestive problems. The interesting thing about this spice is its aroma. Cook one or two cardamom with black tea or add milk, sugar, etc according to your taste. It will give you an amazing taste and a sense of natural taste.

3. Make healthy tea at home: Spicy taste

Adding spices can bring a very strong flavor and give a refreshing feeling right from the first drink. This recipe can include spices such as star anise, honey, milk, cardamom, maple syrup, cinnamon, cloves, etc. Boil together with tea and enjoy.

4. Make healthy tea at home: Mixed with Jaggery

Jaggery prevents constipation and cleanses the liver. It contains antioxidant substances and minerals such as zinc and selenium. When preparing spicy tea, add palm jaggery to drink a full cup. If it is a traditional drink, it can also be supplemented with milk and powdered milk.

5. Make healthy tea at home: Adding basil

Basil has many medicinal properties and is considered a sacred painting among Hindus. It can sharpen memory, can withstand colds, flu, and illnesses, and treat insect bites, asthma, and depression. So having this with a sip will give you a lot of benefits. Having anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties act as a standing solution for all family members. Preparing basil tea is very easy. Add 10-12 medium-sized leaves during boiling and your drink is ready.

All the ingredients mentioned here are usually found in any kitchen. If you are happy with this recipe, go and prepare it. Family members will definitely love your cooking skills.

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