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Easy to make healthy yogurt sandwich recipe for breakfast

Easy to make healthy yogurt sandwich recipe for breakfast

Easy to make healthy yogurt sandwich recipe for breakfast

Yogurt sandwich: If you want to feed children or elders some healthy and less oily food for breakfast, then a curd sandwich is the best, you can make it instantly, read here its full recipe.

Necessary ingredients need to make Yogurt sandwich

  • Braid = 8 slices
  • Curd = 3/4 cup
  • Cabbage = 200 grams, finely chopped
  • Capsicum = one extra, finely chopped
  • Carrot = Two Adad, Grated
  • Green coriander = two tablespoons, finely chopped
  • Ghee = two tablespoons
  • Black pepper = 1/3 tsp, coarsely ground
  • Ginger = half inch piece, grated
  • Salt = as per taste

Method of making Yogurt sandwich

  1. To make the yogurt sandwich, first of all prepare the curd and for this, tie the curd in a cloth and hang it from a little edge in a bowl so that the water from the curd gets squeezed into the pot and in the bundle we will get thick curd.
  2. For sandwich, prepare the stuffing by mixing the vegetables and spices in the curd. 
  3. To make the stuffing, add yogurt, capsicum, chopped cabbage, carrots, coriander, ground black pepper, ginger and salt to the stuffing. 
  4. Mix until the stuffing is ready for sandwich.
  5. Now take one braid slice and apply stuffing on it and spread it around all the same. 
  6. After applying the stuffing, cover it with the second braid slice and press it lightly, prepare all the sandwiches in the same way.
  7. Sandwich can be prepared by baking it in two ways, on a griddle or in a griller.

Yogurt sandwich on the griddle

  1. Heat the pan with gas and add some ghee to it and spread it around. 
  2. Now place two sandwiches on the pan and roast it on the sandwich with a little bit of ghee from the top and flip it from the bottom as it turns brown (reduce the ghee on sandwich as per your preference Or you can also make ghee with or without ghee) Roast the sandwich till it becomes golden brown in color.
  3. When the sandwich turns golden brown from both sides, turn off the gas and take them out in a plate, sandwich is ready.

Yogurt sandwich in the griller

  1. Stuffed Put some ghee on the sandwich 2 and place it in the griller one after the other, add a little more ghee to the sandwich and cover the griller and allow the sandwich to grill for 3 minutes.
  2. After three minutes, open the griller and check the sandwich, the golden brown sandwich is ready, take it out in a plate.
  3. Cut the sandwich diagonally in half from the middle and keep it on a serving plate. 
  4. Serve the delicious hot yogurt sandwich with coriander chutney, tomato sauce, mayonnaise or any of your favorite chutney and enjoy. do eat.

Suggestions for making yogurt sandwich

  • If you like ghee, then you can apply the ghee inside the braid and before stuffing it.
  • If you are avoiding ghee, then you can grill or roast it without adding ghee.
  • White or brown can use any kind of braid to make sandwich.

If you have any question related to this recipe, write it in the comment box below or give your opinion.

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