Easy to make at home for snacks bhel puri recipe

Easy to make at home for snacks bhel puri recipe

Easy to make at home for snacks bhel puri recipe

Bhel puri recipe: Bhelpuri is one of the popular chaats in Mumbai and is a quick and easy recipe. This chaat made from puffed rice, sev, peanut, boiled potato, chaat masala, and sour-sweet chutney is a perfect snack for people who are dieting. It is also a great way to eradicate light hunger.

Bhel Puri Recipe: Bhel Puri is an instant ready-to-eat snack that you can eat when you feel light-headed. You can make it in just 20 minutes and enjoy its taste. To make it, you only need puffed rice, sev, potato, onion, spices, and chutney.

Bhel is one of the popular chaats of the entire India, which is not only delicious to eat but is also very easy to make. It is a spicy mixture of puffed rice, sev, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and sour-sweet-spicy chutneys. This chaat is very popular in Mumbai, you will find Bhelpuri sellers in any street of Mumbai. If you make all the chutney in advance and boil the potatoes too, then you can make it at home in a few minutes.

This is a popular pudding street snack recipe made with puffed rice and finely chopped vegetables and chaat chutneys. It is usually served in the evening as a snack with deep-fried papdi, which can be used as a spoon. There are many ways to make this famous Bhel recipe, but this recipe is a Mumbai street style recipe.

Indian cuisine is famous for spicy and tasty chaat recipes, which are commonly sold in shops on the streets. Most of them are made with gravy or sauce, with vegetables, spices, and chaat chutney. But this recipe is dry which is called the Bhel recipe made from Bhel Puri or Murmura.

I have posted some bhel recipes like jhalamuri or churumuri before, but bhel puri is known for its flavor and flavor. The special feature of this recipe is in the sauce or sauce added to it. Especially green and tamarind chutney adds a new flavor to this recipe. 

By adding these chutneys, not only the flavor of the BHEL recipe but also its texture becomes very good. This makes this recipe half dry or half wet as compared to the puffed rice recipe, which is a dry recipe. 

But because it is half wet, it should be served immediately after making the recipe. Therefore, shop owners make bhel recipe immediately on order and cannot make and store it in advance.

Now I would like to give some tips and advice for making the best bhel puri recipe. First of all, I would like to say that use crunchy and fresh puffed rice or any bhel recipe in it. If you are not using fresh bhel, you can dry roast it on medium heat for 5 minutes to make crispy puffed rice. 

I have used common spices in this recipe, you can make up its deficiency with green chutney and red chili powder. You can increase or decrease its sharpness by decreasing or increasing the amount of these two. 

Putting boiled potatoes in it depends on your will and you can choose to use it as a substitute, or you can use some other vegetable instead, like boiled peas, chickpeas, and all of them.

Preparation Time: 5 MINUTES

 Cooking Time: 2 MINUTES

 Total Time: 7 MINUTES

 For how many people: 2 servings

 Course: Snacks

 Cooking: Indian Street Food

 Keyword: bhel whole recipe

Necessary ingredients need to make Bhel Puri

  • Puffed rice
  • Papdi
  • Peanut (Roasted and Roasted)
  • Cucumber (finely chopped)
  • Potatoes (boiled and finely chopped)
  • Tomato (extracted seeds, finely chopped)
  • Fine gram flour
  • Coriander Chutney
  • Sweet sauce
  • Spice
  • Green Chili (finely chopped)
  • Coriander (finely chopped)

Method of making Bhel Puri

  1. Take 4 spoons of puffed rice in a big bowl. Take 2 to 3 tsp cucumbers, 2 to 3 tsp potatoes, 2 to 3 tsp tomatoes, and 3 tsp peanuts. 
  2. Break 3 to 4 papadis and put them in it. Put 4 teaspoons of fine gravy, little green chili, and half a teaspoon of chaat masala over it. 
  3. Put 1 teaspoon green coriander chutney and 2 teaspoons sweet chutney over it. 
  4. Mix all the ingredients well. Bhelpuri is ready, serve it.
  5. To serve Bhelpuri, put 2 to 3 tablespoons of Bhelpuri in a plate and garnish with a little bit of chaat masala and some green coriander. 
  6. Bhelpuri chaat is ready. 
  7. Whenever you feel like eating it, prepare it immediately because the puffed rice gets dumplings, it does not remain crispy. 
  8. Make spicy and tasty Bhelpuri Chaat, eat, and feed.

Suggestions and Variations of bhel puri recipe

If you want to serve BHEL in the entire party, do not mix all the ingredients together. Put all the ingredients on the table in 4 big bowls as per the information given below and let the guests make bhel as per their choice.

  • Place the mixture of potato, tomato, onion, green chili, and chaat masala in a bowl.
  • Place the mixture of puffed rice and nylon sev and papdi in a bowl.
  • Place all the chutneys in separate bowls.
  • Add lemon juice or finely chopped raw mango for a sour taste.
  • Make more or less chutney as per your taste.

Taste: Sweet, Sour and Spicy

How to Serve: Serve this Mumbai Special Chaat in the evening breakfast. 

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