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Roti recipe easy way to make at home | Soft roti at home

Easy way to make roti at home | Soft roti at home

Roti recipe easy way to make at home | Soft roti at home

Roti recipe at home: Today I am going to tell you the easy method of making bread. There are many people who do not have time, they can cook and most of them only have students….

So it would be a matter of great pleasure to take such people. That I have found a solution for it today and take a very promising way for you.

Bread made in many different ways. Wheat flour, maize flour, millet flour, and many people also make it by mixing… so let’s start….

Ingredients need to make roti

  • Flour 2 cups
  • 1 cup of hot water
  • Oil / Ghee 2 tablespoons

Method of making roti:-

  1. First of all, add oil to the flour.
  2. Then add warm water little by little and knead it.
  3. Then add some water and mix it well when you get the flour
  4. So leave it for 15 minutes with some screams.
  5. Then turn on the gas and add the griddle.
  6. Now we prepare the roti till the pan is hot
  7. First, we’ll mix the flour once again
  8. And also take a little bit of dry flour.
  9. Then we will cut small dough.
  10. After that, we roll it round and round in dry flour and then pour it on the outpost.
  11. Once it becomes as big as possible, wrap the roti in dry flour once more.
  12. Then roll it. And take a bowl of roti and press it to side by side on the roti.
  13. And remove the outside part from the bowl.
  14. And then remove the cutlets too.
  15. And then lightly tighten the sides.
  16. And your bread is ready. Now add it to the Tawa.
  17. So our griddle got hot. Now put bread on it
  18. And after 3-4 seconds, we will turn the roti on the other side.
  19. After that, we will make dough for another roti.
  20. Then we will rotate the roti on the pan a little bit, then press it all over with a light hand.
  21. Then, with the help of a flipped cloth, pressing on all four sides, your bread will blossom.
  22. Then place a roti in the vessel and add the other roti to the vine.

Hope you like this recipe if you want to know about some other recipe. That I have not written yet, then you can ask in the comment box and I will tell you about that recipe in my next post.

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