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Easy to make dhaba style dal makhani recipe at home

Easy to make dhaba style dal makhani recipe at home

Dhaba style dal makhani recipe is popular in Punjab as Maa Di Dal. Its silky velvet texture and beautiful taste make it truly a famous Punjabi dish of Punjab.

Be it any Punjabi restaurant or a road-side dhaba or stall, all claim that they are perfect for making dal makhani and can make it appropriately. And I claim that my tried and tested recipe is also the best.

Notes on Dal Makhani 

1. Cover the bowl of urad and keep it overnight. It is important to soak them overnight so that they take less time to cook.

2. Cook the pressure for 4 whistles or until the lentils are cooked. Both urad dal and rajma should not be chewed and neither should there be resistance to eating, so make sure that they are cooked very well. Cool the pressure cooker completely, depress, and open the lid. You will see that Urad and Rajma have softened now.

3. Allow the lentils to boil on medium heat for 10 to 15 minutes. This is actually the most important step to get creamy and nutritious lentils. If you feel that the lentils are still thick, add more water. Traditionally, these lentils are boiled in wood for low heat overnight, so the best flavor is brought out by prolonged cooking.

Traditionally, Punjabi Dal Makhani is cooked on a slow flame overnight until it is thick. But the use of a pressure cooker helps in the quick cooking of lentils. Serve hot with naan.

  • Preparation Time: 15 mins
  • Cooking Time: 40 mins
  • Total Time: 55 mins for 4 quantities

Ingredients need to make Dal Makhni

  • 3/4 cup Akha urad
  • 2 tbsp beans
  • Salt, as per taste
  • 3 tbsp butter
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • 2 green chilies, long cut
  • 25 mm (1 “) cinnamon piece
  • 2 cloves
  • 3 Ilachi
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped onions
  • 1/2 tsp ginger-garlic paste
  • 1 tsp chili powder
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric powder
  • 1 1/2 cups fresh tomato puree
  • 1/2 cup fresh cream
  • 2 tbsp chopped coriander leaves
  • 1 tbsp fresh cream for garnishing

Method of making Dal Makhni

  1. Wash urad and rajma thoroughly and soak them in water overnight.
  2. Sieve the soaked urad and rajma, add 2 cups of water and salt to it and cook it till the pressure cooker rings for 8 whistles or until the lentils are cooked.
  3. Allow the steam to drain completely before opening.
  4. Beat the pulses well with the churn and keep them aside.
  5. For tempering, heat the butter in a deep pan and add cumin seeds.
  6. When the cumin starts crackling, add green chili, cinnamon, cloves, Ilachi, and onion and fry the onions till they become golden in color.
  7. Add ginger-garlic paste, red chili powder, turmeric powder, and tomato puree and cook it on medium heat till it leaves the oil.
  8. Add 2 to 3 tbsp of water to the lentils, salt and need, let it boil for 10-15 minutes.
  9. Add fresh cream to it and mix well and cook on low heat for 2-3 minutes.
  10. Serve hot garnished with coriander and fresh cream.
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