Easy to make delicious and sweet rasgulla recipe at home

Easy to make delicious and sweet rasgulla recipe at home
sweet rasgulla recipe at home

Sweet rasgulla recipe: Rasgulla is a very tasty and wonderful dessert. This delicious dessert is very easy to make. All the ingredients for making it are easily found at home. It does not take much time to make rasgulla.

Famous- Although rasgulla is a famous dessert of Bengal, now it is famous all over India. The trend of this dessert is increasing day by day. In Bengal, Rasgulla is also known as Rosogulla. The number of people eating it is countless in every city.

Taste- The taste of rasgullas is very juicy, soft, spongy, and aromatic. If eaten cold and its taste becomes even more wonderful.

Occasion- You can make rasgullas at any location. Whether there is a small function at home or a puja, you can make your ceremony even more spectacular by making this dessert.

Everyone feels rasgulla is good only in the market. But it is not so, if you want, you can make more delicious rasgullas by collecting the ingredients at home. We have brought you an easy method with the help of which you can make wonderful rasgullas. Follow the method given below and make very tasty, juicy, and soft rasgullas and eat them tastefully and feed everyone.

Rasgulla making time

It takes 30 minutes to make rasgulla. It takes 20 minutes to prepare.

According to the members

According to the amount of the given method, this rasgulla is enough for 5-6 members.

Tips for making rasgulla –

The most important tip for making rasgulla is that when your chenna is ready, separate the chenna from the water completely. If there is even a little water in your Chennai, then your rasgulla will not become good at all.

One special thing must be noted that the milk you use to make rasgulla is full of cream milk. If you are thinking of using toned milk, then tell you that there is already a quantity of water in it and your chenna will not be good for making rasgulla.

After removing the chenna, when you are kneading it, keep your hand soft and knead the chenna properly so that it becomes very smooth as you do with your flour every day. The smoother your chenna is, the better and smoother your rasgullas will become.

To make rasgulla, the sugar syrup you make, you can make more and less sweet according to it. Adding cardamom to it will make it taste very aromatic and aromatic.

How to serve rasgulla

As we all know rasgulla is a Bengali dessert but it is eaten with great fervor all over the country, so you can also make your rasgulla and survey your house members and guests at dinner or any house function.

After making rasgullas, they are kept in cold temperature for some time, so that you can serve your rasgullas cold to everyone, whose real taste comes from eating in the summer season.

Rasgulla or Chhena Rasgulla can be easily tested by cooling it in summertime. If you want, make rasgullas and keep them in the freeze for a few days and then enjoy them according to your will and mood.

If you do not want to eat cold rasgullas, then you also have another way and that you should heat the syrup before eating rasgulla and then add rasgullas to it, by doing so you can also enjoy different taste and taste of rasgullas. is.

Benefits of eating rasgulla –

The biggest advantage of rasgulla is that you do not need to bring any adulterated sweets from the market, you can take some time at home and prepare a delicious rasgulla with a little hard work, which will be delicious as well as pure.

If you make rasgullas at your home, you will have an advantage that if any guest comes to your house suddenly or if the householder keeps a request to eat something sweet, then you will not have to think too much to get the rasgulla out of the freeze and make everyone happy gave.

You can survey Rasgulla like a dessert at dinner. You do not need to order the sweet of the market even during the festival time, you can enjoy sweets by making rasgullas at home.

Note- When you make rasgulla, the harder you keep the chenna, the better your rasgullas will become. If you keep it soft then rasgulla bursts after adding sugar syrup.

Sweet Rasgulla recipe

Rasgulla is a famous dessert of Bengal but now it is famous all over India. The trend of this dessert is increasing day by day. In Bengal, Rasgulla is also known as Rosogulla.

  •  Course desserts
  •  Cuisine Bengali, Indian
  •  Prep Time 20 minutes
  •  Cook Time 30 minutes
  •  Total Time 50 minutes
  •  Servings 6 people

Materials need to make rasgulla

  • 1 ltr milk
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • One cup of sugar
  • 1 cup of water
  • 3-4 cardamom

Method of preparation – How to make sweet rasgulla recipe

  1. To make rasgulla, first, take the milk and keep it on the gas. Now add lemon juice and water to it. This will break the milk which is required to make rasgulla.
  2. While running from a spoon for some time, the milk will burst shortly. After a while, the chenna and water will separate, then turn off the gas.
  3. After doing so, take a sieve and place a cloth over it and sieve the chenna. This will separate water and chenna. Now wash the chenna with clean water to remove the sourness of the lemon.
  4. Now keep the casing cloth for some time so that water comes out of it.
  5. When this is done, take out the dried chisel in a plate and keep it for a while. If chenna is dried well then rasgulla will become good.
  6. Now knead the chenna and knead it. When the chenna is smooth and kneaded, make its shells. Take care not to make the size of the balls too big.
  7. To make syrup, take a vessel, put it on the gas, add water to it, add 2 cups of sugar, cardamom and put it on low flame to cook.
  8. When the sugar syrup starts to cook, then add the spherical balls to it. Now cover the pot so that the rasgulla cooks well.
  9. After some time, remove the lid and stir with a spoon and cover it for 4-5 minutes. In a short time, the size of rasgullas will double.
  10. Let it cool down for a while. Your delicious rasgulla is ready.

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