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How to make delicious egg dosa recipe at home

How to make delicious egg dosa recipe at home
Delicious egg dosa recipe at home

Egg dosa recipe is very tasty and wonderful. Everyone may have eaten simple and other dosa but may not have tasted their egg dosa. It is very wonderful. Most of all people like it and enjoy it with great passion.

Taste- Egg dosa has a crisp and excellent taste. This mixture of maida and egg is made like dosa, which is liked by all. If you eat it with sauce, chutney, or sambar then it will taste even more delicious.

Famous- Egg dosa is famous everywhere. People who like eggs definitely consume it. Everyone likes its different tastes and it is found everywhere.

Specialty- The most special feature of egg dosa is that it is prepared very quickly. If any special guests come to your house, you can feed them by making egg dosa, they will definitely like it.

Everyone likes delicious egg dosa. Although it is available everywhere in the market, if you want, you can make it pure at home and in your own way. It is very easy to create. All the ingredients of making it are easily found, you can make it whenever you want.

Today we have brought you an easy method with the help of which you can make delicious and wonderful egg dosa. Follow the recipe given below and prepare delicious egg dosa and feed it to all.

Time to make egg dosa

It takes 30 minutes to make an egg dosa. It takes 15 minutes to prepare.

According to the members

This egg dosa is enough for 2 members according to the amount of the given method.

Egg Dosa Recipe

Egg dosa is a different type of dosa that is liked by everyone. It is not found everywhere but the demand for those who eat it is very high. Everybody eats it with great passion.

  •  Course Breakfast, Snack foods
  •  Cuisine Indian
  •  Prep Time 15 minutes
  •  Cook Time 30 minutes
  •  Total Time 45 minutes
  •  Servings 2 people

Materials need to make egg dosa

  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp chili
  • 2 tsp ghee
  • Salt to taste

Method of preparation – How to make Egg Dosa

  1. To make egg dosa, first, take the maida and filter it well with the help of a sieve.
  2. Now take a bowl, add maida to it and add some water. Break the eggs into this mixture.
  3. Whisk all the mixture well with the help of a spatula so that your dosa becomes nice and soft.
  4. Add salt and red chilies to the beaten mixture and whisk all the mixture well and mix.
  5. Keep this mixture for a while.
  6. Now take a non-stick griddle and place it on the gas to heat it. Put some ghee on the griddle.
  7. Now spread the mixture in the bowl on the pan with the help of a spatula.
  8. Apply ghee on both sides of the spread.
  9. When the color of the dosa turns light brown from one side, then bake it from the other side as well.
  10. When the dosa is crushed, fold it and take it out on a plate.
  11. Likewise, make the dosa from all the mixture and take it out on the plate.
  12. Your delicious and awesome egg dosa is ready.
  13. Survey them all with hot sambar or chutney.
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