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Chicken rezala a delicious chicken recipe makes at home

Chicken rezala a delicious chicken recipe makes at home
Chicken rezala a delicious chicken recipe makes at home
Chicken rezala Recipe: This is a kind of chicken curry famous in Bengal which people mostly like to make at night. It is made into curd. You may have eaten mango chicken curry many times but this time you can also try this different type of chicken curry.
Ingredients for making Chicken rezala: Onions, cashews, and coconut are grinded in addition to mango spices which give a distinct taste to this dish. Khoya is also added to it to enhance the taste.
How to serve Chicken rezala: At the dinner party, silver work is also applied to this dish made of curd, cream, coconut, and cashew paste. You can serve it with rumali roti.
  • For how many people: 8
  • Preparation Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook time: 1 hour
  • Total time: 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Difficulty: Medium

Ingredients of Chicken rezala

  • (Boneless) 1 kg of chicken pieces
  • 300 grams of white onions
  • 20 grams of ginger
  • 20 grams of garlic
  • 12 Green Cardamom
  • 5 grams white chili powder
  • 20 grams coconut, grated
  • 50 g cashew nuts
  • 250 grams curd
  • 150 grams khoya
  • 250 grams Ghee
  • 2 drops of water
  • Two drops of sweet perfume
  • 2 silver work
  • Salt to taste

Method of making Chicken rezala

  1. Clean the chicken pieces. Boil these pieces for a while by heating water in a pan. Then dry them and keep them on the side.
  2. Now remove ginger and garlic juice and keep aside. Take onions, cashew nuts, and coconut. In a heavy pan, add chicken, water, salt, and green cardamom.
  3. Keep in mind that you have to add so much water to it that it completely submerges the chicken.
  4. Lightly boil the mixture once.
  5. When the chicken is half cooked, add ginger-garlic paste and ground onions to it. Cook for a while. Then add ghee and whipped curd to it.
  6. Fry it till the water dries completely. After this, add cashew paste and coconut in it and fry for two to three minutes.
  7. Dull masala in concentrated chicken is not thick brown.
  8. Then add white chili powder and a cup of water to it. Cook on low heat for a while.
  9. After removing from the flame, add Kevda water, sweet perfume, and mashed khoya.
  10. Blend well. Finally, add cream to it.
  11. Serve the hot dish with silver work.
Key Ingredients: White Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Green Cardamom, White Chilli Powder, Coconut, Cashew, Yogurt, Khoya, Ghee, Kanvada Water, Sweet Perfume, Silver Work, Salt

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