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How to make Chocolate Cake Cookies Recipe at Home

How to make Chocolate Cake Cookies Recipe at Home

Easy and Delicious Chocolate Cake Cookies Recipe at Home.  Chocolate is something that can make your mood good anytime, anywhere. Almost everything made of chocolate, we all like it very much.

Especially the craze of chocolate made by children will hardly be of green vegetables. Perhaps all of you will agree that whether you are a child or a grown-up, all people are tempted for chocolate.

Now that your little life and your heart are tempted for chocolate cookies, why not make it at home and feed a little more health to children and adults?

Let’s see the recipe of chocolate cookies and give homemade German chocolate cookies treats to your children. Remember, the recipe below is for making a delicious and soft cookie. We promise you will not find any more interesting recipes and somewhere.

Ingredients of making Chocolate Cake Cookies

  • Two Chocolate Cake Mrs. 4 grams (each)
  • Four large eggs
  • Half a cup of oil
  • One and a half cup of chocolate chips

Method of making Chocolate Cake Cookies

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Mix cake mixes, eggs, and oil in a large bowl. Blend all the things for two to three minutes. Believe it, it is quite easy, as soon as your atta of making cookies is well kneaded then nothing will be put in any corner of your bowl.
  3. Now mix chocolate chips in this mixture.
  4. When this is done, make one-inch tablets of this dough and place it on a tray greased with a little oil and press it. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for seven to nine minutes, until the cookies are puffed up and look slightly dry. Don’t worry, after cooking cookies, when you keep them cool then they will come in good shape.

Feed these chocolate cake cookies to your children with milk, and watch them drink milk without shrinking their nose. Feed these healthy and delicious cookies made by your hand to the guests coming home and enjoy it.

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I hope you have liked this recipe made from Chocolate Cookie Cake Mix, if yes then you will definitely make and be entitled to many cheers. Yes, if your child’s stubborn cookies have gone on the cake.

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