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Easy delicious breakfast dhokla recipe at home

Easy delicious breakfast dhokla recipe at home

Dhokla Recipe: Besan Dhokla is a Gujarati recipe. It is very tasty and very easy to cook. If you are avoiding oily things then you can eat it by making dhokla because the oil used in making it is negligible. We make it in steam. So let’s know the recipe for making Dhokla –

Mixing Ingredients for Dhokla Recipe

  • Gram flour – 200 grams,
  • Turmeric – 1/6 portion (very small),
  • Salt – as per taste
  • Lemon juice – 1 lemon,
  • Eating Soda – 1 teaspoon

Chopping Ingredients

    • Oil – 1 teaspoon,
    • Rye – half a teaspoon,
    • Green chili – 2-3 (cut to length),
    • Lemon juice – half a lemon,
    • Salt – 4 tsp
    • Sugar – 1 tsp
    • Curry leaves – 5-6 leaves

Method of preparation of Dhokla Recipe

    1. Add turmeric, salt, and lemon juice to the gram flour and add a little water to it to make a thick batter while stirring with a spoon. Stir the solution so well that there are no lumps in it.
    2. Now cover the gram flour solution for half an hour. So that the gram flour swells.
    3. Put 2 glasses of water in the vessel in which you want to make Dhokla, and put it to heat. Then take a deep vessel that can go inside the cooker and put a little oil in it.
    4. Now, your gram flour to have swollen. Add the eating soda to it and mix it well with a spoon. Now the gram flour must have started flowering, immediately put it in the pot with oil. Now put this vessel in the heating cooker and cover it with the lid and remove its whistle.
    5. Let it cook for 20 minutes. Open the cooker and put a knife in the dhokla to check that it is cooked. If cooked, the dhokla will not stick to the knife.
    6. Then remove the prepared dhokla from the cooker and keep it cool.
    7. Also, prepare the tempering material. Heat oil in a pan. Then add mustard seeds and curry leaves. When the rai starts to crackle, add 1 cup of water.
    8. Then mix the sugar, lemon juice, chopped green chilies, and salt. And let the water boil. After cooking for 10 minutes, turn off the gas.
    9. The dhokla must also have cooled down, now take it out on a plate. It must be looking very soft. Now cut it into a square with a knife.
    10. Now pour the prepared tempering on top of it. Pour the tadka over the dhokla so that it absorbs well.
Now your dhokla is ready

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