Chicken Dong Style Recipe

Chicken Dong Style Recipe

Chicken Dong Style Recipe

Today we are telling you the Chicken Dong Style Recipe. This wonderful dish of chicken is mouth-watering with oyster sauce, it is served with bamboo shoots, shitake mushrooms and marinates, deep-fried chicken is a very tasty dish that you can easily make at home.

Chicken Dong Style Recipe

  • Cook time: 45 minutes
  • For how many people: 2
  • Preparation Time: 20 minutes
  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Total Time: 1 hour 05 minutes

Ingredients for Chicken Dong Style

  • 10 grams of oil 
  • 180 grams of chicken breast, chopped
  • 8 grams garlic, chopped into pieces, 
  • 5 grams ginger, sliced
  • 30g tomato catchup 
  • 50g oyster sauce
  • 20g Shitake Mushroom 
  • 20 Bamboo Shoot (boiled)
  • Salt to taste 
  • 5 grams of sugar
  • 5 g broth powder 
  • 10 ml of shocking wine
  • 10 grams of Potato Starch 
  • 3 ml sesame oil
  • Green onions, sliced

How to make chicken dong style

To make chicken:

  1. First of all, slice the chicken breast and keep it in water.
  2. Then marinate it in ginger and garlic juice for 10 minutes.
  3. Now add half an egg and cornflour with broth powder and salt and mix.
  4. Then deep fry the chicken slices on medium heat.

To make the sauce:

  1. First fry garlic and ginger in oil, then add tomato catchup and oyster sauce to it and mix.
  2. Then add shitake mushroom, half cup of water, deep-fried chicken with sauce along with bamboo shoots with sauce.
  3. Now add sugar, salt, potato starch, broth powder to thicken the gravy.
  4. Then add sesame oil and shocking white to it.
  5. Finally, garnish with spring onion and serve.

Key Ingredients:

  • Chicken breast, oil, ginger, garlic, tomato catchup, shitake mushrooms, oyster sauce, salt, bomb shoots (boiled), broth powder, sugar, potato starch, shocking wine, green onions, sesame oil

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