Make delicious sweet gulab jamun recipe as like shops

Make delicious sweet gulab jamun recipe as like shops
Gulab Jamuns made from condensed milk (mawa) melted in the market like soft and mouth-made in a very easy way. We are also telling you to make sugar syrup here. Make and enjoy it.
Take the name of Gulab Jamun and do not get mouth-watering, can it happen? If you are from India, there is no need to tell us about it. It has been and will always be the most popular dish in India.
My husband loves sweet food like every Indian like. His desire for sweet food doubles when he talks about Gulab Jamun of Desi Ghee of Chandni Chowk. They have had this habit from their home only.
I would like to tell you openly that in our engagement, they had given a lot of rasgulla cans and believe the truth that my family members have become very strong lovers of the lost rasgullas who were brought from Old Delhi. Today we will make the same fresh, soft, and mouth-watering rasgulla in our kitchen. I have made these many times in my kitchen and have tried every time to remind myself of the taste of homemade Gulab Jamun at Chandni Chowk.
Ultimately the hard work paid off and my husband passed this recipe because he got the same taste in Gulab Jamun made by me, which he found in Gulab Jamun of Chandni Chowk. So I would like to say that you must make it in your home, it will look good to you.

This recipe also teaches how to make a syrup of Gulab Jamun.

Gulab jamun Recipe

For Gulab Jamun

  1/2 Tsp – Green cardamom powder
80 Gms – Khoya
1/4 Tsp – Baking powder
1/4 cup – all-purpose flour
3 Cup Oil – enough to fry Gulab Jamun

For sugar syrup

  1/2 Tsp – Green cardamom powder
  1 Cup – White Sugar
  3/4 Cup – Water

Flour and Maeve Pills

  • We begin by tightening the khoya into small pieces. If your condensed milk (mawa) is already grated, you can skip this step. After tightening, the lost volume will increase compared to the previous one. The weight will be the same which is 80 grams (3oz).
  • Now add maida, baking powder, and ½ teaspoon of cardamom powder to the khoya. Mix well.
  • Now add some water and start kneading by hand. Add a little more water when you feel you need more water to knead.
  • We will make about 7-8 normal size Gulab Jamuns with this mixture.
  • We have used about 4 cups (1 cup = 240 ml) of water to knead it.
  • You have to knead it for about 4-5 minutes so that it is a soft dough.
  • After kneading the mixture of maida and condensed milk (mawa), now take a little peda in your hands and make small balls. Give them round shape with the help of both your hands and try not to make them larger than 1 inch. These shells may look very small now, but their size will increase after frying and will increase further after soaking in sugar.
  • You have to make small balls of the entire mixture in this way.
  • Now the foundation of Gulab Jamun is ready. Now we will fry them and also make sugar syrup.

Make syrup

Gulab jamun Recipe
  • Add oil to a pan. The oil should be so heavy that the pan is filled with 75% oil. Now keep it on low flame for heating.
  • And on the other side, take another pan to make sugar syrup. Now add ¾ cup (1 cup = 240 ml liter) water, one cup (1 cup = 240 ml liter) sugar and ½ teaspoon cardamom powder.
  • Boil it on high heat.
  • Keep in mind that sugar syrup should be prepared before frying the gulab jamun completely.
  • We are making both together, so first we have to wait for the sugar syrup to boil and then put the Gulab Jamun to fry.
  • Sugar syrup should have 1 wire.
  • Sugar syrup has come to a boil. Turn the stove on low for 10 minutes and let it cook.
  • After 10 minutes, take 1-2 drops of sugar syrup on your thumb to test the syrup. Now separate the rakhi drops on the thumb with the first finger. When separating, you should see a string of syrup.
  • If no wire appears, then the sugar syrup is not ready yet. It needs 2-3 minutes to cook. If 1 wire is seen then sugar syrup is ready. Turn off the stove.
  • Now sugar syrup is ready.

Fry gulab jamun

  • Now in the meantime, the oil is hot. Now put Gulab Jamun to fry.
  • Stir the oil continuously with the help of Karachi so that the color of Gulab Jamun does not thicken from either side. Take care not to add karchi gulab jamun. They can break due to applying.
  • After frying on low heat for 10 minutes, it will turn light golden brown.
  • Now put all the fried Gulab Jamuns in the sugar syrup. Let them be immersed in sugar syrup for about 20 minutes.
  • Now after 20 minutes, Gulab Jamun is ready to eat. Serve hot gulab jamuns at home and while enjoying, do not forget to remember us.

Storage and Serving Suggestions

  • Gulab Jamun can be kept in a refrigerator and eaten for 3-7 days. There is no need to separate the sugar syrup. Both can be kept in the refrigerator together.
  • Gulab Jamuns are heated and eaten. You can heat it in the microwave or by placing it on the spatula.
  • If you do not have a microwave and the sugar syrup of Gulab Jamun has dried, it will be difficult to heat them on the stove. We also have a solution for this. You heat them with the steam of water. Its complete method is written here.


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